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Dario Fiore

PhD - Universidad de Catania, Italia

Assistant Research Professor

Dario Fiore
Instituto IMDEA Software

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Short Bio

Dario received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Catania, Italy in 2010. Prior to joining the IMDEA Software Institute in November 2013, Dario held postdoctoral positions at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (Germany), New York University (USA), and Ecole Normale Superieure (France). During his PhD, he was also a visiting student at the IBM T.J. Watson research center and the New York University (USA). For further information, please visit his personal website.

Research Interests

Dario's research interests are in Cryptography and Security. He works mainly on designing provably-secure cryptographic primitives and protocols, with a particular emphasis on the security of Cloud computing applications. More specifically, some of the topics he works on include: secure delegation of data and computation to the Cloud, homomorphic authenticators, zero-knowledge proof systems, functional encryption, homomorphic encryption, and foundations of cryptography.