UPM / IMDEA Software Institute Specialization Track in Software Development through Rigorous Methods (2016-2017)

Note: this course is taught at the the IMDEA Software Institute (in the Montegancedo Campus, 500 m. from the CS School). Please get in touch with the coordinator or one of the instructors for more details regarding the exact meeting place and possible schedule changes.

This course has specific requirements. If you are not a student affiliated to the IMDEA Software Institute, please follow these instructions. If you do not follow them, you may be asked to register in some other course.

Computer security



4 credits (ECTS)

The class will meet initially to settle down on an schedule which is adequate for everyone. Depending on the amount of work and the difficulty of the topics selected for presentation, there may be some weeks in which lectures will be shortened or skipped in order for the students to have time to prepare their presentations adequately.


Knowledge on the basic principles of computer security. An undergraduate level course on computer security is desired but not required.

Course web page (if any)

Not yet available

Summary and objectives

This course will focus on reading and presentation of research papers in the area of computer security. The research paper will encompass both foundational papers, i.e., those that laid the basis for current security techniques and defenses, as well as research papers on contemporary computer security research topics. The papers will encompass the sub-areas of applied cryptography, systems security, and software security.

Students taking this course will:

  1. Be exposed to research literature.
  2. Gain experience in critical reading, including identifying the contributions and limitations of proposed approaches.
  3. Develop skills for delivering effective technical presentations.
  4. Gain a background on key past research results that have laid the foundations of the area, as well as current topics of research interest.


Will be selected based on latest research topics, as well as the background of the students.


Evaluation will be based on the student's ability to perform critical reading, the paper presentations, and the student's overall involvement in the course.

Recommended reading

Will be decided based on the selected topics.

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