UPM / IMDEA Software Institute Specialization Track in Software Development through Rigorous Methods (2017-2018)

The information that follows focuses on the RAs at the IMDEA Software Institute and is an extract of the central information at UPM. Students who are not affiliated to the IMDEA Software Institute are strongly advised to check the central pages of the program instead. Students not affiliated to the IMDEA Software Institute who want to take one the courses given by IMDEA Software Institute researchers need to get an approval before enrolling.

Software Construction through Rigorous Methods Master's Track

Most IMDEA Software Institute RAs who need credit at Masters level in order to register in a PhD program are enrolled in the Software and Systems masters program of the Technical University of Madrid. This is done in two steps: an application is first made to check that you meet all the requirements to enter the Masters program. This will require you to upload some documents, notably a grade transcript of your previous degrees which makes it clear either the amount of ECTS you have studied (for Universities belonging to the European Higher Education Area, EHEA – see here the Wikipedia page) or the total amount of hours studied. They should also contain the maximum and minimum grades in your University's system and the number of semesters for each degree.

Please get in contact with us as soon as possible to check that the documents that you have contain the required information. If they do not, you may have to request additional documentation from your Institution. This may be a long process and it depends exclusively on your Institution, so we will not be able to speed it up. Eventually, for non-EHEA Institutions, the documents will have to be legalized through the Hague Apostille or similar.

Once the requirements are verified, you will receive a mail allowing you to proceed to the registration.

We will check your application before submitting it both for the application and the registration, so please let us know when you have filled in the information with time enough to review and correct it if necessary. Please forward us any mail / communication that you may receive from the University. It is very important that we monitor all the process to ensure that it goes smoothly. Please write us if you have any doubt.


Availability of grants and internships

IMDEA Software offers internships and Masters / PhD grants. Please follow the previous links if you are interested.

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