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Manuel Carro Manuel Carro, Associate Research Professor and Director
PhD - Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
Research Interests: Programming Language Implementation, Abstract Machines, Parallelizing Compilers, Service-Oriented Computing, Composition / Management / Prediction of Quality of Software Services, Global Program Analysis / Optimization / Verification, Abstract Interpretation, Formal Methods, Resource-Aware Distributed Execution and Logical Agents, Constraint/Logic/Functional Programming Theory and Implementation, Execution Visualization.
Dual Appointment: Associate Professor at UPM
Juan Caballero Juan Caballero, Associate Research Professor and Deputy Director
PhD - Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Research Interests: Computer security including systems, software, and network security. Program analysis and its application for malware analysis and building defenses against malicious code. Software engineering. Machine learning for security.
Manuel Hermenegildo Manuel Hermenegildo, Distinguished Professor
PhD - The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Research Interests: Abstract interpretation-based program analysis, verification, debugging and optimization; programming language design and implementation; multi-paradigm programming; parallelizing compilers.
Dual Appointment: Full Professor at UPM
Gilles Barthe Gilles Barthe, Research Professor
PhD - University of Manchester, UK
Research Interests: Formal methods; programming languages; software security; cryptography; foundations of mathematics and computer science.
Juan Jose Moreno Juan Jose Moreno, Research Professor (on leave)
PhD - Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
Research Interests: Component-based systems, specification and modeling languages in software engineering, and declarative programming.
Dual Appointment: Full Professor at UPM
John Gallagher John Gallagher, Research Professor (part time)
PhD - Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Research Interests: Program transformation and generation; program analysis; constraint logic programming, semantics-based emulation of languages and systems.
Dual Appointment: Full Professor at Roskilde University, Denmark
Cesar Sanchez Cesar Sanchez, Associate Research Professor and Scientific Researcher (CSIC)
PhD - Stanford University, USA
Research Interests: Applications of logic to computer science, and applicable formal methods for the design, analysis and verification of distributed systems, real-time systems and embedded systems.
Dual Appointment: Scientific Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Pierre Ganty Pierre Ganty, Associate Research Professor
PhD - Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Research Interests: Verification of systems with infinitely many states. Abstraction refinement techniques for verification. Bounded analysis techniques. Logic and automata theory. Algorithms and tools for the design and verification of reactive and distributed systems. Program analysis. Formal models for distributed systems: Petri nets.
Aleks Nanevski Aleks Nanevski, Associate Research Professor
PhD - Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Research Interests: Design and implementation of programming languages and methodologies that facilitate specification and verification of various program properties. Formal verification methods, such as interactive and automated theorem proving, decision procedures, program analysis and software model checking.
Alexey Gotsman Alexey Gotsman, Associate Research Professor
PhD - University of Cambridge, UK
Research Interests: Software verfication, particularly, developing reasoning techniques and automated verification tools for real-world concurrent systems software.
Boris Köpf Boris Köpf, Associate Research Professor
PhD - ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Research Interests: Security, privacy, program analysis.
Dario Fiore Dario Fiore, Assistant Research Professor
PhD - University of Catania, Italy
Research Interests: Cryptography and Security, and in particular the design of provably-secure cryptographic primitives and protocols, with a particular emphasis on the security of Cloud computing applications. Some of the topics he works on include: secure delegation of data and computation to the Cloud, homomorphic authenticators, zero-knowledge proof systems, functional encryption, homomorphic encryption, and foundations of cryptography.
Alessandra Gorla Alessandra Gorla, Assistant Research Professor
PhD - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
Research Interests: Software Engineering, Software Testing and Analysis, Mobile and Web Security
Pedro López-García Pedro López-García, Researcher
PhD - Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
Research Interests: Energy-aware software development. Analysis, verification and optimization of non-functional properties, mainly resource usage (energy, execution time, user defined), but also determinism and non-failure, etc. Automatic static profiling of resources. Abstract Interpretation. Automatic control of resources in parallel and distributed computing. Constraint and logic programming.
Dual Appointment: Scientific Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
José Francisco Morales José Francisco Morales, Researcher
PhD - Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain
Research Interests: Constraint logic programming, assertion languages, abstract interpretation, program analysis and transformations, compiler optimizations, multiparadigm language design and implementation, abstract machines, native code generation

Visiting and Affiliate Faculty

Roberto Giacobazzi Roberto Giacobazzi, Affiliate Faculty
Full Professor, University of Verona, Italy
Anindya Banerjee Anindya Banerjee, Affiliate Faculty
Program Director, National Science Foundation, US
Research Interests: Program analysis and verification, program logics, concurrency, programming language semantics, abstract interpretation and type systems.

Former Visiting Faculty

Hongseok Yang Hongseok Yang, Professor of Computer Science
University of Oxford, UK
Peter Stuckey Peter Stuckey, Visiting Faculty
Professor, The University of Melbourne, Australia
María García de la Banda María García de la Banda, Visiting Faculty
Professor, Monash University, Australia
Jens Grossklags Jens Grossklags, Assistant Professor
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Somesh Jha Somesh Jha, Professor
University of Wisconsin, USA
Bogdan Warinschi Bogdan Warinschi, Research Scientist
University of Bristol, UK
Michael Ernst Michael Ernst, Professor
University of Washington, USA
Javier Esparza Javier Esparza, Professor
Faculty of Computer Science, Technische Universität München
Alan Mycroft Alan Mycroft, Professor
University of Cambridge, UK
David Naumann David Naumann, Professor
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, USA
Martin Wirsing Martin Wirsing, Professor
Ludwig-Maximilians University of München, Germany
Neil Jones Neil Jones, Professor
DIKU University of Copenhagen, Denmark