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Javier Valdazo

BS - Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (UNC), Argentina

The information in this page may be outdated, as Javier Valdazo is no longer a member of the Institute.

Former PhD Student

Javier Valdazo

Short bio

Javier Valdazo was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He graduated at Instituto Espíritu Santo. He got his Computer Science degree at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in the year 2007. He worked as TA for two and a half year in the University National of Córdoba.

He worked for a year at the software industry, where he performed tasks related to software maintenance in high reliability communication devices. Currently he is working as an intern at IMDEA. His interest areas include formal specification and verification, rigorous tool supported modeling and validation of software systems, programming lenguajes, automation, and genetic algorithms.