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Andrea Cerone

Post-doctoral Researcher

Andrea Cerone Short bio:
Since June 2013, I am a post-doctoral researcher in the ADVENT project, lead by Alexey Gotsman.
Currently my role in the project involves exploring the notion of linearizability for the verification of higher-order, concurrent objects.

Previously I have been a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin,
where I also obtained my Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Hennessy.
During my time at Trinity College Dublin, my research focused on developing behavioural theories for wireless networks modelled at different levels of abstraction. These are discussed in my Ph.D. thesis, Foundations of Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks.

My research interests include the Semantics of Programming Languages, Process Algebra and Concurrency Theory.
For a more detailed list of my work and research interests, you can read my CV.