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Associate Research Professor at the IMDEA Software Institute

Latest Work

Venue Title

FCT 2017

Parikh Image of Pushdown Automata
‣ PDF coming soon

ATVA 2017

Fixing the State Budget: Approximation of Regular Languages with Small DFAs
‣ PDF coming soon

ATVA 2017

A Language-theoretic View on Network Protocols
‣ this arXiv report contains a preliminary version


Model Checking Population Protocols

FMSD 2016

Model Checking Parameterized Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems

GandALF 2016

Bounded-oscillation pushdown automata

Acta Inf. 2016

Verification of Population Protocols

STTT 2016

Underapproximation of procedure summaries for integer programs
‣ this arXiv report is the most up to date version

JACM 2016

Parameterized Verification of Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems

HCVS 2016

Solving non-linear Horn clauses using a linear Horn clause solver


From Non-Zenoness Verification to Termination


Verification of Population Protocols

FCT 2015

Interprocedural Reachability for Flat Integer Programs
arXiv report

CAV 2015

Model Checking Parameterized Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems
arXiv report

VPT 2015

Decomposition by Tree Dimension in Horn Clause Verification

Complete list (dblp)

Short Bio

Pierre joined the IMDEA Software Institute in September 2009 after completing a nearly two years postdoc at the UCLA. He holds a joint PhD degree in Computer Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and from the Università Degli Studi di Genova, Italy that he obtained late 2007.

Further details in my CV.

Research Interests

Algorithmic verification techniques: design, complexity study and implementation. Verification of software systems with infinitely many states: unbounded control and/or data. Algorithmic model based bug finding techniques. Abstract Interpretation. Automatic refinement of abstract domains. Automata theory and Formal Languages. Petri nets.



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