UPM / IMDEA Software Institute Specialization Track in Software Development through Rigorous Methods (2017-2018)

Accessing the Software Construction through Rigorous Methods Track for Non-IMDEA Software Students

Students who are not members of the IMDEA Software Institute and want to take courses given by IMDEA Software researchers need to obtain an approval first. If you do not follow the instructions below, you may be asked to register in some other course.

In order to guarantee an appropriate academic level in the track and to maximize the learning outcome, the track needs to ensure that students are enrolled in courses which are adequate for their background and which address their career aims. To this end, we require all students who wish to attend courses taught in the track to obtain an authorization before enrolling:

  • Send a mail to graduate.school |at| software.imdea.org stating in which courses you would like to enroll.
  • Attach a recent CV and a grade transcript to that mail. Enclose as well an English description of the courses you have taken which are more closely related to those you want to take.
  • Some courses require constant interaction with an adviser and need the acceptance of a researcher to act as instructor in the course. When this is so, this is clearly stated in the course descriptions. If any of the courses in which you want to enroll belongs to this category, please select one or two instructors whose research topics match your interests to check their availability.

The information you provide will be checked against the course requirements and you will receive a mail stating for which courses you are welcome to sign up.

This specialization strongly emphasizes student-instructor interaction and personal work with the instructor. Therefore it is necessary that students are available to meet with the instructors on a daily basis.

Additionally, a strong requirement is that all students willing to enroll in any of the courses of the track must have a very good background in programming and programming languages and a good English level, as this is the working language at the Institute.

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