Alexander Gryzlov

I am a research programmer at IMDEA Software Institute, working with Aleksandar Nanevski.

I'm chiefly interested in programming language theory / formal methods (advanced type systems, program logics, formal specification, language design) and their usage in both systems (concurrency, distributed computing, cryptography, compiler & theorem prover construction) and applied programming (economic modeling, hybrid systems, probabilistic programming, bioinformatics). On the mathematical side, I prefer schools of thought that focus on compositionality and mechanization, such as synthetic / constructive mathematics and applied category theory.

Currently I work on extending and maintaining FCSL, FCSL-PCM and HTT projects, all of which are related to separation logic, a formalism for reasoning about stateful programs.


My CV can be found here.

PL Reading Group

Find the schedule and reading list for Programming Languages Reading Group at IMDEA here.


Reach me by email or find me on linkedin or github.