ESOP'11 Accepted Papers

Thomas Martin Gawlitza and David Monniaux. Improving Strategies via SMT Solving
Arnab De, Deepak D'Souza and Rupesh Nasre. Dataflow Analysis for Datarace-Free Programs
Mathias John, Cedric Lhoussaine, Joachim Niehren and Cristian Versari. Biochemical Reaction Rules with Constraints
Viviana Bono, Chiara Messa and Luca Padovani. Typing Copyless Message Passing
Thomas Jensen, Florent Kirchner and David Pichardie. Secure the Clones: Static Enforcement of Policies for Secure Object Copying
Aquinas Hobor and Cristian Gherghina. Barriers in Concurrent Separation Logic
Michael Colon and Sriram Sankaranarayanan. Generalizing the Template Polyhedral Domain.
Liqian Chen, Antoine Miné, Ji Wang and Patrick Cousot. Linear Absolute Value Relation Analysis
Antoine Miné. Static Analysis of Run-Time Errors in Embedded Critical Parallel C Programs
Christian Urban and Cezary Kaliszyk. General Bindings and Alpha-Equivalence in Nominal Isabelle
Pascal Sotin and Bertrand Jeannet. Precise Interprocedural Analysis in the Presence of Pointers to the Stack
Cédric Fournet and Jérémy Planul. Compiling Information-Flow Security to Minimal Trusted Computing Bases
Luis Caires, Jorge A. Perez, João Costa Seco and Hugo Torres Vieira. Type-based Access Control in Data-Centric Systems
Sebastian Hunt and David Sands. From Exponential to Polynomial-time Security Typing via Principal Types
Johannes Borgstrom, Andrew D Gordon, Michael Greenberg, James Margetson and Jurgen Van Gael. Distribution Transformer Semantics for Bayesian Machine Learning
Joao Belo, Michael Greenberg, Atsushi Igarashi and Benjamin Pierce. Polymorphic Manifest Contracts
Vasileios Koutavas and Matthew Hennessy. A Testing Theory for a Higher-Order Cryptographic Language (Extended Abstract)
Joerg Brauer and Andy King. Transfer Function Synthesis without Quantifier Elimination
Annette Bieniusa and Peter Thiemann. Proving Isolation Properties for Software Transactional Memory
Arjun Guha, Claudiu Saftoiu and Shriram Krishnamurthi. Typing Local Control and State Using Flow Analysis
Matthew Parkinson and Alexander Summers. The relationship between Separation Logic and Implicit Dynamic Frames
Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos. Algorithmic nominal game semantics
Sebastian Burckhardt and Daan Leijen. Semantics of Concurrent Revisions
Yitzhak Mandelbaum and Trevor Jim. A new method for dependent parsing