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Marina Egea is holding a posdoctoral position at IMDEA Software Institute. Previously she held a posdoctoral position in the Information Security Group at ETH Zurich. She received her doctoral degree in Computer Science at the University Complutense of Madrid in 2008. Her thesis proposes an executable formal semantics for a significant subset of OCL, which is based on a novel mapping from UML models with OCL expressions to equational theories which are proved to be Church-Rosser and terminating and are shown to allow rigourous analysis and validation of the corresponding model. She received her bachellor degree in Mathematics from the University of Granada in 2001, and her Master Thesis from the University Complutense of Madrid in 2005 by the Department of Computer Science.

Her research focuses on the use of formal methods for improving the quality of software engineering products. She is actively involved in the development of a research line on rigorous, tool-supported modeling and validation of software systems. In this context, some of her recent and current research (in collaboration with other authors) is focused

The results of this research has been implemented in various tools for modeling and validating security-design models and for its automated transformations. For further information see "Software Systems" below.


Model driven software engineering.
Model transformations.
System design, analysis, validation and verification.
Security models, transformation and enforcement.
Formal methods.
Code generation.