About me

My name is Martín Ceresa, and I am me.

I do several things and some represent me more than others:



My interests include: theoretical computer science, programming languages theory, type theory, category theory, mathematics, foundation of mathematics, topology and logic. Recently I have found my self studying history of mathematics and philosophy of mathematics.


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Research path

I am currently working in the application of formal methods to blockchain technologies in collaboration with Prof. César Sánchez.

I’ve done my PhD research at CIFASIS under the advisement of PhD. Mauro Jaskelioff and I am currently writting me thesis down. My research focuses on Improvement Theory developed extensively by Prof. Sands early in the nineties. In particular, the main subject of my thesis is to develop an effectful improvement theory.

Before coming to CIFASIS, I was a student in the department of Computer Science at Universidad Nacional de Rosario from where I graduated in 2015.

In 2013, I done an intership at IMDEA (Madrid, Spain) under the supervision of Benedikt Schmidt, in the development of automatic tactics in EasyCrypt. In this internship I have learned about Modern Cryptography Proofs, and a bit about tactic development. I developed an automatic tactic (or megatactic) which implemented a classic cryptography step called optimistic sampling.