Pedro Moreno-Sanchez
IMDEA Software Institute
Assistant Research Professor
Email: pedro.moreno@imdea.org

NEWS _________________________________________________________________________________________

BRIEF BIO_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I am an assistant professor at the IMDEA Software Institute (Spain) since October 2020. I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from Purdue University (USA) in 2018. Prior to joining the IMDEA Software Institute in October 2020, I held a postdoctoral position at Technical University of Vienna (Austria). During my PhD, I was also a visiting student at Ripple Labs (USA), IBM-Research Zurich (Switzerland). I received my bachelor and master degree from the University of Murcia (Spain). During my master, I was also a visiting student at Philips Research Europe (The Netherlands).

RESEARCH OVERVIEW______________________________________________________________________________________

Empirical Analysis of Blockchain Security and Privacy:

  • Goal: Analyze the data as well as interactions among the blockchain participants to identify security and privacy threats.
  • Publications: [FC’21], [WWW’18], [PETS’16],

(Layer-2) Blockchain Security, Privacy & Scalability:

  • Goal: Build systems with formal security and privacy guarantees to mitigate blockchain scalability issues.
  • Publications: [S&P’21] [USENIX’21], [FC’21], [FC’20], [CCS’19], [NDSS’18], [NDSS’17], [CCS’17]

Cryptographic Tools for Blockchain Security & Privacy:

  • Goal: Design cryptographic tools for the security and privacy of blockchain transactions against a (post-quantum) adversary.
  • Publications: [FC’21], [FC’20], [NDSS’19]

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Anonymous Communications:

  • Goal: Design and evaluate privacy-enhancing technologies for anonymous communications among parties worldwide.
  • Publications: [PETS’20], [NDSS’17], [PETS’17], [NDSS’15], [ESORICS’14]

PEOPLE _______________________________________________________________________________________

PhD Students

Lukas Aumayr TU Vienna Sep 2019 - Present (Co-supervised with Matteo Maffei)
Erkan Tairi TU Vienna Oct 2018 - Present (Co-supervised with Matteo Maffei)
Master Students

Jakob Abfalter TU Vienna Mar 2020 - Present (Co-supervised with Matteo Maffei)
Research Internship

Oguzhan Ersoy TU Delft Winter 2019
Duc V. Le Purdue University Summer 2019
Sergei Tikhomirov University of Luxembourg Summer 2019

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS________________________________________________________________________________

You can find a complete list of publications in DBLP and Google Scholar.

[S&P’21] A2L: Anonymous Atomic Locks for Scalability and Interoperability in Payment Channel Hubs
Erkan Tairi, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Matteo Maffei
[S&P’21] Bitcoin-Compatible Virtual Channels
Lukas Aumayr, Oguzhan Ersoy, Andreas Erwig, Sebastian Faust, Kristina Hostakova, Matteo Maffei, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Siavash Riahi
[USENIX’21] Blitz: Secure Multi-Hop Payments Without Two-Phase-Commits
Lukas Aumayr, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei
[CCS’19] Atomic Multi-Channel Updates with Constant Collateral in Bitcoin-Compatible Payment-Channel Networks
Christoph Egger, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Matteo Maffei
[NDSS’19] Anonymous Multi-hop Locks for Blockchain Scalability and Interoperability
Giulio Malavolta, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Clara Schneidewind, Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei
[WWW’18] Mind Your Credit: Assessing the Health of the Ripple Credit Network
Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Navin Modi, Raghuvir Songhela, Aniket Kate and Sonia Fahmy
[NDSS’18] Settling Payments Fast and Private: Efficient Decentralized Routing for Path-Based Transactions
Stefanie Roos, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate and Ian Goldberg
[CCS’17] Concurrency and Privacy with Payment-Channel Networks
Giulio Malavolta, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate, Matteo Maffei and Srivatsan Ravi
[NDSS’17] SilentWhispers: Enforcing Security and Privacy in Decentralized Credit Networks
Giulio Malavolta, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate and Matteo Maffei
[NDSS’17] P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions
Tim Ruffing, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Aniket Kate
[NDSS’15] Privacy Preserving Payments in Credit Networks
Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Aniket Kate, Matteo Maffei and Kim Pecina

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