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Pierre Ganty

I am an associate Research Professor at the IMDEA Software Institute doing research in the fields of verification, language theory and automata theory. You can find more about my research output on DBLP,   Google Scholar,   ORCID,  and GitHub.

Latest Work

Venue Title
TACAS 2023 Antichains Algorithms for the Inclusion Problem Between ω-VPL
CAV 2022 FORQ-based Language Inclusion Formal Testing
arXiv report
Fundamenta Informaticæ A Congruence-Based Perspective on Finite Tree Automata
CONCUR 2021 Inclusion Testing of Büchi Automata based on Well-quasiorders
TOCL 2021 Complete Abstractions for Checking Language Inclusion
arXiv report
MFCS 2020 A Quasiorder-based Perspective on Residual Automata
arXiv report
PLDI 2020 CacheQuery: Learning Replacement Policies from Hardware Caches
arXiv report
SAS 2019 Language Inclusion Algorithms as Complete Abstract Interpretations
arXiv report
MFCS 2019 A Congruence-based Perspective on Automata Minimization Algorithms
arXiv report
DCC 2019 Regular Expression Search on Compressed Text
arXiv report
FSTTCS 2018 The Parikh Property for Weighted Context-Free Grammars
CONCUR 2018 Verification of Immediate Observation Population Protocols
arXiv report
LICS 2018 Sound up-to techniques and Complete abstract domains

Complete list (dblp)

Short Bio

Pierre joined the IMDEA Software Institute in September 2009 after completing a nearly two years postdoc at the UCLA. He holds a joint PhD degree in Computer Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and from the Università Degli Studi di Genova, Italy that he obtained late 2007.

Further details in my CV.

Research Interests

Algorithmic verification techniques: design, complexity study and implementation. Verification of software systems with infinitely many states: unbounded control and/or data. Algorithmic model based bug finding techniques. Abstract Interpretation. Automatic refinement of abstract domains. Automata theory and Formal Languages. Petri nets.

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