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Germán Delbianco

BS - National University of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

The information in this page may be outdated, as Germán Delbianco is no longer a member of the Institute.

Former PhD Student

Germán Delbianco
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Short bio

Germán Andrés Delbianco is a Ph.D. candidate at IMDEA Software under the supervision of Aleks Nanevski. His research interests lay somewhere in the intersection of Programming Languages Semantics, Type Theory, Functional Programming, Theorem Proving and the application of Category Theory to Computer Science.

Before joining IMDEA, Germán got a Licenciate in Computer Science degree at Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina in 2010. His thesis topic was Program Calculation with Applicative Functors .

For more information, visit his personal homepage.

Research Interests

Programming Languages Semantics, Functional Programming, Type Theory, Theorem Proving, Category Theory