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The importance of software is continuously increasing. It is the enabling technology in many devices and services which are now an essential part of our lives, and thus software failures can imply high social and economic cost. Developing software of an appropriate level of reliability, security, and performance, and doing so in a cost-effective manner poses today very significant research challenges. Because of the ubiquity of software, solutions to these challenges can have a significant and pervasive expected impact on productivity and on the general competitiveness of the economy.

The main focus of the IMDEA Software Institute (the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Software Development Technologies) is to perform the research of excellence required to devise methods that will allow the cost-effective development of software products with sophisticated functionality and high quality, i.e., safe, reliable, and efficient. In order to achieve this goal the Institute is gathering a critical mass of world-wide, top class researchers and providing them with an ideal research environment.

The focus of the Institute includes all phases of the development cycle (analysis, design, implementations, validation and verification), including methods, languages, and mechanisms. Its distinguishing feature is the concentration on approaches that are rigorous and at the same time allow building practical tools.

The IMDEA Software Institute is part of IMDEA, the Madrid Institutes for Advanced Studies, a network of international research centers in the Madrid region for research of excellence in areas of high economic impact.