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Ilya Sergey

The information in this page may be outdated, as Ilya Sergey is currently not a member of the Institute.

Ilya Sergey
PhD - KU Leuven, Belgium
Former Post-doctoral Researcher

Short Bio

Ilya received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from iMinds-DistriNet research group at the Department of Computer Sciences of KU Leuven under supervision of Dave Clarke in November 2012. He joined IMDEA in February 2013.

Before joining academia he worked as a software developer in JetBrainsInc.

Ilya’s research interests dwell in the area of the design and implementation of programming languages, including but not limited to program semantics, certified programming, abstract interpretation, program transformations and refactoring techniques.

For further information and a list of publications please visit Ilya’s personal homepage.

Research Interests

Design and implementation of programming languages, program semantics, static program analysis, certified programming, type systems, abstract interpretation, functional programming, object-oriented programming, program transformation.