1. Matteo Campanelli, Dario Fiore, and Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh
    Witness Encryption for Succinct Functional Commitments and Applications
    PKC 2024
  2. Matteo Campanelli, Antonio Faonio, Dario Fiore, Tianyu Li, and Helger Lipmaa
    Lookup Arguments: Improvements, Extensions and Applications to Zero-Knowledge Decision Trees
    PKC 2024
  3. Dario Fiore, Dimitris Kolonelos, and Paola Perthuis
    Cuckoo Commitments: Registration-Based Encryption and Key-Value Map Commitments for Large Spaces
    ASIACRYPT 2023
  4. Dimitris Kolonelos, Giulio Malavolta, and Hoeteck Wee
    Distributed Broadcast Encryption from Bilinear Groups
    ASIACRYPT 2023
  5. David Balbás, Daniel Collins, and Phillip Gajland
    WhatsUpp with Sender Keys? Analysis, Improvements and Security Proofs
    ASIACRYPT 2023
  6. Shahla Atapoor, Karim Baghery, Daniele Cozzo, and Robi Pedersen
    VSS from Distributed ZK Proofs and Applications
    ASIACRYPT 2023
  7. David Balbás, Dario Fiore, Marı́a Isabel González Vasco, Damien Robissout, and Claudio Soriente
    Modular Sumcheck Proofs with Applications to Machine Learning and Image Processing
    ACM CCS 2023
  8. Noemi Glaeser, Dimitris Kolonelos, Giulio Malavolta, and Ahmadreza Rahimi
    Efficient Registration-Based Encryption
    ACM CCS 2023
  9. David Balbás, Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, and Russell W. F. Lai
    Chainable Functional Commitments for Unbounded-Depth Circuits
    TCC 2023
  10. Antonio Faonio, Dario Fiore, Markulf Kohlweiss, Luigi Russo, and Michal Zajac
    From Polynomial IOP and Commitments to Non-malleable zkSNARKs
    TCC 2023
  11. Daniele Cozzo, and Emanuele Giunta
    Round-Robin is Optimal: Lower Bounds for Group Action Based Protocols
    TCC 2023
  12. Daniel Benarroch, Matteo Campanelli, Dario Fiore, Kobi Gurkan, and Dimitris Kolonelos
    Zero-knowledge proofs for set membership: efficient, succinct, modular
    Designs, Codes and Cryptography
  13. David Balbás, Daniel Collins, and Serge Vaudenay
    Cryptographic Administration for Secure Group Messaging
    USENIX Security 2023
  14. Shahla Atapoor, Karim Baghery, Daniele Cozzo, and Robi Pedersen
    CSI-SharK: CSI-FiSh with Sharing-friendly Keys
    ACISP 2023
  15. Shahla Atapoor, Karim Baghery, Daniele Cozzo, and Robi Pedersen
    Practical Robust DKG Protocols for CSIDH
    ACNS 2023
  16. Hamza Abusalah
    SNACKs for Proof-of-Space Blockchains
    Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2023
  17. Nico Döttling, Dimitris Kolonelos, Russell W. F. Lai, Chuanwei Lin, Giulio Malavolta, and Ahmadreza Rahimi
    Efficient Laconic Cryptography from Learning with Errors
    EUROCRYPT 2023
  18. Hamza Abusalah, and Valerio Cini
    An Incremental PoSW for General Weight Distributions
    EUROCRYPT 2023
  19. Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, and Emanuele Giunta
    Efficient and Universally Composable Single Secret Leader Election from Pairings
    PKC 2023
  20. Gennaro Avitabile, Vincenzo Botta, and Dario Fiore
    Extendable Threshold Ring Signatures with Enhanced Anonymity
    PKC 2023
  21. Dimitris Kolonelos, Mary Maller, and Mikhail Volkhov
    Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Subverted RSA Groups
    PKC 2023
  22. Peter Chvojka, and Tibor Jager
    Simple, Fast, Efficient, and Tightly-Secure Non-malleable Non-interactive Timed Commitments
    PKC 2023
  23. Hamza Abusalah, Georg Fuchsbauer, Peter Gaži, and Karen Klein
    SNACKs: Leveraging Proofs of Sequential Work for Blockchain Light Clients
    ASIACRYPT 2022
  24. Guilhem Castagnos, Fabien Laguillaumie, and Ida Tucker
    Threshold Linearly Homomorphic Encryption on Z/2^kZ
    ASIACRYPT 2022
  25. Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, and Ida Tucker
    Additive-Homomorphic Functional Commitments and Applications to Homomorphic Signatures
    ASIACRYPT 2022
  26. Dario Fiore, and Ida Tucker
    Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Signed Data with Applications to Verifiable Computation on Data Streams
    ACM CCS 2022
  27. Matteo Campanelli, Dario Fiore, Semin Han, Jihye Kim, Dimitris Kolonelos, and Hyunok Oh
    Succinct Zero-Knowledge Batch Proofs for Set Accumulators
    ACM CCS 2022
  28. Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, Rosario Gennaro, and Emanuele Giunta
    On the Impossibility of Algebraic Vector Commitments in Pairing-Free Groups
    TCC 2022
  29. David Balbás, Daniel Collins, and Phillip Gajland
    Analysis and Improvements of the Sender Keys Protocol for Group Messaging
    RECSI 2022
  30. Dario Fiore, Lydia Garms, Dimitris Kolonelos, Claudio Soriente, and Ida Tucker
    Ring Signatures with User-Controlled Linkability
    ESORICS 2022
  31. Anaïs Querol Cruz
    ARCHITech : Advanced Research of Cryptographic Techniques to build efficient blockchains with privacy and security
    Thesis (Doctoral), E.T.S. de Ingenieros Informáticos (UPM)
  32. Hien Chu, Dario Fiore, Dimitris Kolonelos, and Dominique Schröder
    Inner Product Functional Commitments with Constant-Size Public Parameters and Openings
    SCN 2022
  33. Dario Catalano, Dario Fiore, and Emanuele Giunta
    Adaptively Secure Single Secret Leader Election from DDH
    ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, PODC 2022
  34. Guilhem Castagnos, Fabien Laguillaumie, and Ida Tucker
    A tighter proof for CCA secure inner product functional encryption: Genericity meets efficiency
    Theoretical Computer Science (vol. 914), 2022
  35. Cecilia Boschini, Dario Fiore, and Elena Pagnin
    Progressive and Efficient Verification for Digital Signatures
    ACNS 2022
  36. Antonio Faonio, Dario Fiore, Luca Nizzardo, and Claudio Soriente
    Subversion-Resilient Enhanced Privacy ID
    CT-RSA 2022
  37. Somayeh Dolatnezhad Samarin, Dario Fiore, Daniele Venturi, and Morteza Amini
    A compiler for multi-key homomorphic signatures for Turing machines
    Theor. Comput. Sci. (vol. 889), 2021
  38. Matteo Campanelli, Antonio Faonio, Dario Fiore, Anaı̈s Querol, and Hadrián Rodrı́guez
    Lunar: A Toolbox for More Efficient Universal and Updatable zkSNARKs and Commit-and-Prove Extensions
    ASIACRYPT 2021