AVERIST Algorithmic Verifier of Stability VeriStab

AVERIST is a software tool for stability analysis of hybrid systems.

Hybrid systems combine both discrete and continuous dynamics. They are particularly useful for modeling supervisory control systems. A supervisory control refers to a computer system that monitors and controls a continuous system process.

Stability is one of the fundamental properties expected out of any control system. It assures that small perturbations in the input to a system result in only small variations of the eventual behavior of the system, which becomes a must to control the system.

stability versus instability
AVERIST proposes an automatic framework for stability proofs
  • It returns counterexamples.

  • Some computations are parallelizable and can be improved by mean of an incremental construction.

  • The possible numerical errors involved are negligible.

VeriStab project is cofunded by European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7)