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Trusted Logic

Trusted Logic is a small software company, created in 1999, which specializes in software security for embedded systems. Trusted Logic addresses four main markets through its business units:

  • Smart card. Trusted Logic develops Java Card platforms, and markets them directly to integrators, and through chip manufacturers. With a clear focus on security, these platforms aim specifically at the most demanding markets, such as banking and identity.
  • Consumer devices. Trusted Logic has developed a technology, the Security Module, which can be inserted between a hardware platform and an operating system in order to enforce a security policy. Through a partnership with ARM, the technology is available as TrustZone software on all the ARM platforms that include the TrustZone technology.
  • Professional devices. Trusted Logic develops components, and in particular Java Virtual Machines, which are aimed at devices such as point-of-sale terminals and mobile professional terminals, suchas those used by delivery companies.
  • Security services. Trusted Logic offers security-related services, ranging from security evaluation services to security analyses and assistance to companies that undergo security certifications such as Common Criteria certifications.

Trusted Logic's core competencies are information security and open embedded systems, with a specific focus on Java systems. Nevertheless, products and services are also available for closed embedded systems, or for larger systems.

In the Mobius project, the work will be led by the security services business unit, which is known as Trusted Labs.