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Work Packages

Technical activities


  • WP1 Security Requirements: The objective of this work package is to concretely specify a comprehensive set of security requirements relevant to global computing that will be studied and addressed throughout the project.
    WP1 Leader: Trusted Logic

    First results issued from WP1 are presented in Deliverable 1.1: Report on resource and information flow security requirements. A Downloadable version is available here.

  • WP2 Type-based Verification: The objective of this work package is to develop type systems that guarantee adherence to security-related properties for global computing.
    WP2 Leader: Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat

  • WP3 Logic-based Verification: This work package investigates logical techniques for the specification and verification of functional and security properties of multi-threaded Java, both at source code and byte code level, and with tool-support in a program verification environment.
    WP3 Leader: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

  • WP4 Proof Carrying Code: This work package will provide a substantial advance in the state of the art in PCC, in particular by developing fondations for applying PCC to global computing and by providing various reasoning techniques to code producers.
    WP4 Leader: ETH Zurich

  • WP5 Case studies: The objective of this work package is to evaluate the security infrastructure developed in the project.
    WP5 Leader: France Telecom
  • Other activities

  • WP6 Dissemination, Training and Exploitation: The objectives of this work package are to maximize the visibility of Mobius, to provide training to the scientific community and to industry, and to set out a reliable framework for future exploitation of the Mobius technology. These activities run for the whole duration of the project, and will involve all participants.
    WP6 Leader: The University of Edinburgh

  • WP7 Project Management: This work package ensures the scientific coordination and administrative and financial governance of the overall MOBIUS project.
    WP7 Leader: INRIA (until 01/04/08), UPM Madrid (from 01/04/08)