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The IMDEA Software Institute is always looking for strong and enthusiastic research interns.

The IMDEA Software Institute performs cutting-edge research towards building the software systems of the future. Research internships provide an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to take part in this endeavor, in close collaboration with the Institute’s faculty. Successful internships are an attractive way to gather research experience and to win a PhD grant at the Institute.

Internships can be full time or part time, and can start at any time during the year.

Local undergraduates that would like to collaborate part-time in the activities of the institute (for example, through curricular internships, are also welcome to apply.

The Institute provides a stimulating and collaborative research enviroment, together with competitive salaries and close ties to industry. Our research areas include the following topics:

For more details about what we are working on check our research page, or visit the home pages of the institute’s faculty.


Successful candidates have obtained (or are close to obtaining) an undergraduate or master degree in Computer Science, or a closely related area, and have strong interest in the Institute’s research areas.

The working language of the Institute is English. Full command of the English language is required.


The typical duration of an internship at the IMDEA Software Institute is between three and twelve months. The institute provides an attractive monthly stipend, access to an excellent public health care system, unemployment benefits, and retirement benefits.


Candidates are encouraged to apply online using the secure application form. This includes uploading an up-to-date CV and listing research interests. Applications can be sent at any time, without cut-off dates.

Search and selection procedures follow the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers.