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Sumit Gulwani

lunes 25 de enero de 2010

9:15am Amphitheatre H-1002

Sumit Gulwani, Researcher, Microsoft, USA

Dimensions in Program Synthesis


In this talk, I will briefly describe some recent program synthesis projects that are motivated by various reasons: enabling people with no programming background to develop utility programs, helping regular programmers automatically discover tricky/mundane details, and even discovery of new algorithms. These projects target synthesis of a variety of programs such as standard undergraduate textbook algorithms (e.g., sorting, dynamic programming), program inverses (e.g., decoders, deserializers), bit-vector manipulation routines, deobfuscators, graph algorithms, data transformers, algebraic algorithms, and mutual exclusion algorithms. Our tools today scale to synthesis of about 25 lines of code within an hour.

These projects cover various design points along three dimensions in program synthesis: functional specification, search space, and search technique.