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Zvonimir Rakamaric

lunes 15 de marzo de 2010

11:00am IMDEA conference room

Zvonimir Rakamaric, Researcher, University of British Columbia

Modular Verification of Shared-Memory Concurrent System Software


Software is large, complex, and error-prone. The trend in hardware design of switching to multi-core architectures makes software development even more complex. Cutting software development costs and ensuring higher reliability of software is of global interest and a grand challenge. This is especially true of the system software that is the foundation beneath all general-purpose application programs.

The verification of system software poses particular challenges: system software is typically written in a low-level programming language with dynamic memory allocation and pointer manipulation, and system software is also highly concurrent, with shared-memory communication being the main concurrent programming paradigm. Available verification tools usually perform poorly when dealing with the aforementioned challenges. In this talk I’ll present my research that addresses these problems by enabling precise and scalable verification of low-level, shared-memory, concurrent programs.