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Jaron Skvosted Gundersen

jueves 20 de febrero de 2020

10:45am Meeting room 302 (Mountain View), level 3

Jaron Skvosted Gundersen, PhD Student, Aalborg University, Denmark

Improved Bounds on the Threshold Gap in Ramp Secret Sharing


In secret sharing a dealer holds a secret and wants to distribute it among several parties in such a way that the individuals do not learn the secret. However, if several of the parties unite their shares they are able to reconstruct the secret. Secret sharing has several applications such as distributed storage and secure multiparty computation. For different applications it is desired to have different properties for the secret sharing scheme used. Such properties can be linearity, low share size compared to the secret size, low reconstruction, and high privacy. In this talk, I will present some bounds connecting some of these properties. These bounds give some restrictions on what we can achieve for secret sharing schemes. The talk is based on results from the paper “Improved Bounds on the Threshold Gap in Ramp Secret Sharing” by Ignacio Cascudo, Jaron Skovsted Gundersen and Diego Ruano, published in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.