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Louis-Marie Dando

martes 27 de julio de 2021

11:00am Zoom3 - (pass: s3)

Louis-Marie Dando, Post-doctoral Researcher, ANR Delta, LIS, Marseille, France

Weighted Automata and Expressions over Pre-Rational Monoids


The Kleene theorem establishes a fundamental link between automata and expressions over the free monoid. Numerous generalisations of this result exist in the literature. Lifting this result to a weighted setting has been widely studied. Moreover, different monoids can be considered: for instance, two-way automata, and even tree-walking automata, can be described by expressions using the free inverse monoid. In the present work, we aim at combining both research directions and consider weighted extensions of automata and expressions over a class of monoids that we call pre-rational, generalising both the free inverse monoid and graded monoids. The presence of idempotent elements in these pre-rational monoids leads in the weighted setting to consider infinite sums. To handle such sums, we will have to restrict ourselves to rationally additive semirings. Our main result is thus a generalisation of the Kleene theorem for pre-rational monoids and rationally additive semirings. As a corollary, we obtain a class of expressions equivalent to weighted two-way automata, as well as one for tree-walking automata.