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Stephan Duebler

miércoles 22 de noviembre de 2023

11:00am 302-Mountain View and Zoom4 (, password:@s3)

Stephan Duebler, PhD Student, Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy

Generalized Swap Graphs for Blockchain Protocols


This talk will explore a general protocol for securely realizing atomic swaps across cryptocurrencies. In atomic swaps, assets can be exchanged atomically between blockchains without relying on a trusted party. Generalizing atomic swaps to directed graphs of a particular class allows the description of a broad class of interesting blockchain protocols, that rely on atomic transaction execution. Following this observation, this presentation broadens the class of swap graphs considered in prior work and defines a new protocol for securely realizing such graphs from more general primitives. The resulting class of graphs is expressive enough to capture existing multi-party blockchain protocols such as multi-hop payments and crowdfunding.