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Silvia Pascual Ortiz

jueves 30 de marzo de 2023

9:30am Lecture hall 1, level B

Silvia Pascual Ortiz, Expert in equality and diversity, OpenExO

Course on Diversity & Gender Equity


  • Introduction to Diversity & Gender equity
  • Gender bias at work
  • Workplace Policies and Practices that stymie Progress
  • Address Gender Equity in Your Workplace

This course is for IMDEA Software staff only.


Silvia Pascual Ortiz is a certified Open ExO Coach, Trainer, and Consultant who has been working in the gender equality and diversity arena since 2010, helping organizations to build Gender Equality Plans, delivering awareness training on gender equality and diversity subjects, gender bias, etc. Silvia Pascual Ortiz has also designed women mentoring programs and implemented internal awareness systems based on weekly short articles for internal discussion and to increase self-awareness about gender and diversity subjects.