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Aleks Nanevski

Aleks Nanevski
PhD - Universidad Carnegie Mellon, EE.UU.
Research Professor

Despacho: 382
Teléfono: +34-91-101-2202 ext 4107
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Short bio

Aleks received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, USA in 2004. After holding postdoctoral positions at Harvard University (USA), and Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK), Aleks joined the IMDEA Software Institute in September 2009. Prior to the PhD, Aleks finished his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Skopje, Macedonia in 1995.

Aleks’ research is in the design and implementation of programming languages that facilitate verification of various program properties, ranging from type and memory safety, lack of memory leaks or information leaks, all the way to full functional correctness. His languages and systems unify programming and specification with automated and interactive theorem proving, via a common foundational framework of type theory. He is particularly interested in verifying programs that combine modern higher-order linguistic features such as higher-order functions, polymorphism, abstract types, objects and modules, with imperative ingredients such as pointer arithmetic, pointer aliasing, unstructured control flow, and concurrency.

Research Interests

Design and implementation of programming languages and methodologies that facilitate specification and verification of various program properties. Formal verification methods, such as interactive and automated theorem proving, decision procedures, program analysis and software model checking.