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Benedikt Schmidt

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Benedikt Schmidt
PhD - ETH Zurich, Suiza
Antiguo Faculty Researcher

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Short bio

Benedikt Schmidt received a Computer Science degree from University of Karlsruhe, Germany in November 2007. He joined the IMDEA Software Institute as a postdoctoral researcher in February 2013, after receiving his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland in December 2012.


Benedikt contributes to the development of the following tools:

For a list of his publications or further information please visit his personal homepage.

Research Interests

Benedikt’s work so far focused on the symbolic analysis of security protocols. This includes the interactive machine-supported analysis of physical protocols for wireless networks and the fully automated analysis of classical protocols such as authenticated key exchange protocols.

His current research focuses on the verification of cryptographic primitives and protocols in the computational model.