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Hannews Kallwies

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4:00pm Zoom3 - (pass: 5551337)

Hannews Kallwies, PhD Student, University of Luebeck, Germany

Aggregate Update Problem for Multi-clocked Dataflow Languages


Dataflow languages have, as well as functional languages, immutable semantics, which is often implemented by copying values. A common compiler optimization known from functional languages involves analyzing which data structures can be modified in-place instead of copying them. In the presentation an algorithm to this so called Aggregate Update Problem for multi-clocked dataflow languages, i.e. those that allow streams to have events at disjoint timestamps, like e.g. Lucid, Lustre and Signal, is presented. Therefor TeSSLa, a generic stream transformation language with a small set of operators, is used to develop the ideas. Finally the empirical results of the implementation of the optimization into the TeSSLa compiler are presented.