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Dimitris Kolonelos

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

11:00am Meeting room 302 & Zoom3 (pass: @s3)

Dimitris Kolonelos, PhD Student, IMDEA Software Institute

Succinct Zero-Knowledge Batch Proofs for Set Accumulators


Cryptographic accumulators are a common solution to proving information about a large set . They allow to compute a short digest of and short certificates of some of its basic properties, notably membership of an element. Accumulators also allow to track set updates: a new accumulator is obtained by inserting/deleting a given element. In this work we consider the problem of generating membership and update proofs for batches of elements so that we can succinctly prove additional properties of the elements (i.e., proofs are of constant size regardless of the batch size), and we can preserve privacy. Solving this problem would allow to obtain blockchain systems with improved privacy and scalability.