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Andoni Rodríguez

Thursday, July 13, 2023

11:00am 302-Mountain View and Zoom3 (, password: @s3)

Andoni Rodríguez, PhD Student, IMDEA Software Institute

Boolean Abstractions for Realizability Modulo Theories


In this talk, we address the problem of the (reactive) realizability of specifications of theories richer than Booleans, including arithmetic theories. Our approach transforms theory specifications into purely Boolean specifications by (1) substituting theory literals by Boolean variables, and (2) computing an additional Boolean requirement that captures the dependencies between the new variables imposed by the literals. The resulting specification can be passed to existing Boolean off-the-shelf realizability tools, and is realizable if and only if the original specification is realizable. The first contribution is a brute-force version of our method, which requires a number of SMT queries that is doubly exponential in the number of input literals. Then, we present a faster method that exploits a nested encoding of the search for the extra requirement and uses SAT solving for faster traversing the search space and uses SMT queries internally. Another contribution is a prototype in Z3-Python. Finally, we report an empirical evaluation using specifications inspired in real industrial cases. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first method that succeeds in non-Boolean LTL realizability.