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Mike Young

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

9:30pm Meeting room 302, level 3

Mike Young, CEO, Mike Young Academy

Social Media Workshop for researchers


It is not easy to switch gears and go from writing scientific papers to communicating science on social media, but it can be personally and professionally rewarding. This workshop will focus on how to use social media to increase your impact, network with your peers, and get access to opportunities in both academia and industry, using mainly the platforms LinkedIn and X (or alternatives to X) as professional tools.


09:30 Introduction and welcome

09:40 Discussion: What do you want to achieve professionally within the next year? How can social media help you with this?

09:50 Talk: Why social media for researchers? Why specifically X (Twitter) and LinkedIn? Practical examples of how X helps scientists.

10:00 Discussion: Analysis of a volunteer X profile bio.

10:10 Exercise: Crafting tweets and threads.

10:30 Talk: Using X ‘lists’ to avoid distractions and network with the right people.

10:50 BREAK

11:05 Talk and discussion: Finding your social media concept.

11:15 Talk: Why should you be using LinkedIn? Examples of how LinkedIn helps scientists forge new connections in academia and in government and business, within and outside the country.

11:30 Exercise: Your LinkedIn profile. Discussion: We discuss a volunteer’s LinkedIn profile bio.

11:50 Talk: How to filter your LinkedIn newsfeed and use LinkedIn’s search algorithm to set up an alternative LinkedIn newsfeed and connect with the right people.

12:00 Exercise: Searching for posts of your own specific research field.

12:20 Talk and discussion: Integrating X and LinkedIn into real life. How can you ensure you meet up with the right people at events and conferences?

12:40 Talk and discussion: Time and social media management. Scheduling, and using social media management tools to network with the right people and avoid distraction.

13:00 END

This course is for IMDEA Software staff only.


· Communicating effectively on the platforms.

· Meeting the right people and engaging others in your research process.

· Sourcing and resharing content from IMDEA Software and collaboration partners.

· Maintaining a sustainable social media routine that fits into your working day.


Mike Young is an editor, media studies lecturer, and historian of ideas. He applies advanced editorial skills and techniques to help scientists, companies and interest groups engage international audiences.

He invented, developed, and edited the University Post, an English-language media hub in Copenhagen for students and scientists (2009-2016). It boasted 100,000+ visits a month and thousands of volunteer contributions.

Originally he is a historian of ideas, he has lectured in the specific field of media studies, and speak regularly on newsroom management, volunteer engagement, and social media.