UPM / IMDEA Software Institute Specialization Track in Software Development through Rigorous Methods (2017-2018)

Track Description

This track is a specialization within UPM's University Master on Software and Systems and is related to the Doctoral Program on Software, Systems, and Computing. The track focuses on techniques and tools for software development based on rigorous methods. These techniques and tools are aimed at enabling the cost-effective development of software products with sophisticated functionality and high quality, i.e., products which are safe, reliable, and efficient. The program covers a wide range of topics from analysis to testing techniques, including also formal specification, verification, programming language design and implementation, security, etc. One distinguishing feature of this program is the participation of researchers from the IMDEA Software Institute.

Depending on your previous degrees you may enroll directly on the PhD program or need to enroll first in a Masters degree. If in doubt, please check with your advisor at the IMDEA Software Institute or write to graduate.school |at| software.imdea.org.

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