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October 9, 2023

Efficient, secure and reliable software to support the fulfillment of the EU's five missions


The European Researchers’ Night, organized by the IMDEA Institutes in coordination with the madri+d Knowledge Foundation, took place last Friday, September 29th between 18:00 and 20:00, at the Student’s Residence in Madrid.

The IMDEA Software postdoctoral researcher Facundo Molina participated in this event entitled: “The five EU missions as seen by IMDEA researchers II”, together with researchers from the other IMDEA Institutes.


The talk was moderated by the directors of IMDEA Software and IMDEA Materials, Manuel Carro and Jose Manuel Torralba. During the activity, researchers from the IMDEA Institutes spoke about the research lines and projects being developed at their centers and gave their personal views on what society as a whole can do to help fulfill these missions. They expressed the efforts that, from their respective scientific areas, they are making to help fulfill the five missions of the EU to achieve a better future. These are priorities and are directly related to trying to curb climate change, restore our oceans, obtain healthier food, win in the fight against cancer and have smarter and more sustainable cities.


Facundo commented that the characteristics that software must have to help improve everyone’s life, in general, and the fulfillment of the five EU missions in particular, must be three: efficiency, security and reliability.

In particular, reliability is very important, as it is what guarantees the correct functioning of a software. For example: “in the case of software used to detect cancer, we need it to be accurate in providing these types of critical results for patients. Although the use of these systems is usually under the supervision of experts, their malfunction can cause many problems,” concludes Molina.

In addition, the public was able to get to know the group of scientists first hand through the numerous questions they asked, and received advice from them to pursue their dreams and study what really motivates them.