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November 29, 2023

IMDEA Software attends Quantum Communication Innovation Forum


IMDEA Software attends the forum in the field of innovation and quantum technologies: “Quantum Communication Innovation” organized by the EuroQCI-Spain consortium took place between November 28th and 29th, at the BAT Tower in Bilbao.

The European Commission is collaborating with the 27 EU Member States and the European Space Agency (ESA) to design, develop and deploy the EuroQCI, which will consist of a terrestrial segment based on fiber communications networks linking strategic sites at national and cross-border level, and a space segment based on satellites. It will be an integral part of IRIS², the EU’s new space-based secure communications system.


EuroQCI Spain represents the Spanish initiative of the European program funded by the European Commission. The consortium is made up of universities and research centers such as ICFO (Coordinator of the project), UPM and CSIC, industrial entities such as Cipherbit-Grupo Oesía and Indra, and telecommunications companies such as Telefonica and Cellnex.

EuroQCI will safeguard sensitive data and critical infrastructures by integrating quantum physics-based systems into existing communication infrastructures, providing an additional layer of security based on quantum physics. It will strengthen the protection of European government institutions, their data centers, hospitals, energy grids, etc., becoming one of the main pillars of the EU Cybersecurity Strategy for the coming decades.

The initiative will thus contribute to European digital sovereignty and industrial competitiveness, and will help to meet Europe’s Digital Decade goal of being at the forefront of quantum capabilities by 2030.

IMDEA Software was represented by María Alcaraz, Manager, César Sánchez, REDIMadrid’s Director and Professor, and David Rincón, REDIMadrid’s Technical Coordinator.

REDIMadrid’s role has been to strengthen ties with the initiative and its members since, together with UPM, they are designing the MadQCI network, which will be one of the largest quantum communications networks in Europe.