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ETH Zurich

The Software Component Technology Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich aims at creating techniques and tools for the development of provably correct object-oriented software components.

The group is involved in the following work packages and tasks. The leadership over a work package or task is marked with a stargold.gif:

  • Work Package 2: Type-based verification
    • Task 2.5: Alias control types
  • Work Package 3: Logic-based verification
    • Task 3.1: Byte code specification and verification
    • Task 3.2: Logic for resources and information flow
    • Task 3.4: Modular verification stargold.gif
    • Task 3.5: Combining type-based and logical analyses
  • Work Package 4: Proof carrying code stargold.gif
    • Task 4.4: Proof-transforming compiler stargold.gif
  • Work Package 5: Case studies
    • Task 5.4: Evaluation of the proof carrying code infrastructure stargold.gif
  • Work Package 6: Dissemination, training and exploitation
    • Task 6.2: Dissemination activities
    • Task 6.3: Liaison with other initiatives
    • Task 6.5: Exploitation and industrial liaison stargold.gif
  • Work Package 7: Project management
    • Task 7.1: Scientific coordination

This group will also coordinate the End User Panel

Contact: Prof. Peter Müller