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Work Package 6 : Dissemination, Training and Exploitation

The objective of this work package is threefold:

  • To maximize the visibility of Mobius to the scientific community, industry, potential end users, related initiatives, and research programs; and to emphasize that Mobius will open new doors for future research.

  • To provide training to the scientific community and to end users, in order to facilitate technology transfer and allow the easy adoption of Mobius technology

  • To provide Mobius with a reliable framework to support its future exploitation activities.

The University of Edinburgh is the package leader, with all sites participating.

Structure of the Work Package

All activities related to dissemination, training and exploitation will run for the whole duration of the project. Concretely, we distinguish the following tasks.

Task 6.1 Web Site Development & Maintenance

We will design, develop and host the project's official web site, that will be the main public point of reference for the MOBIUS project.

Task 6.2 Dissemination Activities

Various types of dissemination activities will be performed, such as participation and organization of relevant conferences, workshops, and schools, where results of the Mobius project will be presented. A specific dissemination plan will be produced and maintained throughout the project to guide the dissemination effort.

Task 6.3 Liaison with Other Initiatives

We will evaluate potential links and cooperation opportunities with other initiatives. Mobius will then take the necessary actions to guarantee a successful cooperation and aim towards productive synergies.

Task 6.4 Training

We will provide various kinds of training, both internal and external to the project. These activities will include internal project courses, tutorials, and participation in and organization of summer schools.

Task 6.5 Exploitation and Industrial Liaison

We will prepare the exploitation of Mobius results by drafting an exploitation plan and by promoting the adoption of the technology by industrial partners.

Task 6.6 Demonstration

We will begin planning the demonstration strategy after 12 months, once a first set of the case studies has been defined. The likely target communities include security architects, developers, researchers and end user communities.

In the first eighteen months, we will make available two prototypes: the type system verifier and the off-device checker. Later on, an on-device checker, an annotation assistant, the proof transforming compiler and the complete security framework will also be available.