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Visiting researcher in distributed systems and concurrency

The IMDEA Software Institute (Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Software Development Technologies) is a non-profit research institute created under the umbrella of the Regional Government of Madrid, Spain. The goal of the Institute is to perform the research of excellence required to devise methods that enable the cost-effective development of software products with sophisticated functionality and high quality, i.e., secure, reliable, and efficient, and to drive technology transfer to the industrial sector. The Institute attracts talent from all over the world and has built a truly international environment. The working language at the IMDEA Software Institute is English.

The IMDEA Software Institute is located in the Montegancedo Science and Technology Park in the outskirts of the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain.

More information about the Institute can be found at:


The IMDEA Software Institute is seeking a Visiting Researcher to contribute to the Institute’s distributed systems and concurrency research line. All the qualifications of the candidate will be evaluated with respect to that research area.

The candidate should have an outstanding track record of research, demonstrated ability and commitment to research, recognized international stature, and excellent leadership abilities.

Who should apply?

Candidates should meet the following requirements:

Starting date

The position will start on Feburary 1. The duration of the position is 3 months.

How to apply?

Applicants interested in the position should submit their application at Please select the option: Other and include reference code 2022-11-other-visiting-distrib.

The application should include:

Applications should be received by November 27th, 2022.