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March 2, 2021

Institutional visit from SEDIA and CM to the IMDEA Software Institute

Institutional visit

The Secretary of State for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, the Regional Minister for Science, Universities and Innovation (CM), Eduardo Sicilia, and the Director General for Research and Technological Innovation, María Luisa Castaño have visited the IMDEA Software Institute.

The director of the Institute, Manuel Carro, the deputy director, Juan Caballero, and the former director, Manuel Hermenegildo, received the personalities and took them on a tour of the facilities in which they were not only shown the building but also the cutting-edge research work.

The researcher Aleks Nanevski opened the welcome session in which he briefly explained the history of the Institute and the importance of software research. The committe was directed to the third floor where Manuel Hermenegildo spoke about green computing, and Dario Fiore and Ignacio Cascudo about cryptography, a very important part of the Institute. Juan Caballero spoke to them about computer security and the research being done at the Institute.

The visit continued with a walk through the floor to the Happening area where Alessandra Gorla briefed them on computerised testing as well as the projects she is involved in, and finally, Alexey Gotsman gave them a glimpse about distributed systems.

After the sessions with some of the institute’s researchers, the visit continued to a meeting room where a private meeting was held to discuss important topics and strategies for attracting and retaining talent as well as technology transfer to the Industry.