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Alexander Malkis

The information in this page may be outdated, as Alexander Malkis is currently not a member of the Institute.

Alexander Malkis
PhD - University of Freiburg, Germany
Former Post-doctoral Researcher

Current status

Moved to Technische Universität München.



I am awarding discovering errors in my publications.

Invited tutorials


Jan 2011 EPFL, Lausanne, Counterexample-Guided Thread-Modular Verification
Dec 2010, ICISS'10, Gandhinagar, A Practical Generic Privacy Language
Sep 2010, SAS'10, Perpignan, Counterexample-Guided Thread-Modular Verification
Mar 2010, IMDEA, Madrid, Verification of Multithreaded Programs
Jan 2010, VMCAI'10, Madrid, Abstract Threads
Dec 2009, UPMARC, Uppsala, Owicki-Gries, Thread-Modular-Reasoning, Cartesian Abstraction
Oct 2009, ARM, Cambridge, Verification of Multithreaded Programs
Oct 2009, Cambridge University, Owicki-Gries, Thread-Modular-Reasoning, Cartesian Abstraction
Oct 2009, Cambridge University, Abstract Threads
Jun 2009, MSR Cambridge, SecPAL4Privacy
Feb 2009, EPFL, Lausanne, Counterexample-Guided Thread-Modular Verification
Sep 2008, Freiburg University, Cartesian Abstraction Refinement
Aug 2008, ICMS, Edinburgh, Cartesian Abstraction Refinement
Jul 2008, MSR Redmond, Concurrent Histories
May 2008, MSR Redmond, Cartesian Abstraction Refinement
Aug 2007, SAS'07, Denmark, Precise Thread-Modular Verification
Mar 2007, EPFL, Lausanne, Precise Thread-Modular Verification
Nov 2006, ICTAC'06, Tunis, Thread-Modular Verification is Cartesian Abstract Interpretation.


Reviewed for

VMCAI'06, PLDI'07, SAS'07, CAV'08, POPL'08, FMCAD'08, SOFSEM'09, TACAS'09, VMCAI'09, CAV'09, LICS'10, POPL'10, ESOP'11, FM'11, SOFSEM'11, CAV'11, VMCAI'11, POST'12, FACS'12

Research Interests

Program analysis, verification, concurrency, model-checking, abstract interpretation, assume-guarantee reasoning, modularity, compositionality, simulation, refinement, privacy, security, combinatorics, enumeration, polyforms.