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14th International Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling

Applications and Case Studies (OCL 2014)

Co-located with ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on

Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2014)


Accepted Papers

  • Ahmed Ahmed, Paola Vallejo, Mickael Kerboeuf and Jean-Philippe Babau. cdmCL, a Specific Textual Constraint Language for Common Data Model. pdf.
  • Marcos Arjona, Carolina Dania, Marina Egea and Antonio Maña. Validation of a Security Metamodel for the Development of Cloud Applications. pdf.
  • Xabier de Carlos, Goiuria Sagardui and Salvador Trujillo. MQT, an Approach for Run-Time Query Translation: From EOL to SQL. pdf.
  • Gergely Dévai, Gábor Ferenc Kovács and Ádám Ancsin. Textual, executable, translatable UML. pdf.
  • Frédéric Jouault and Jérôme Delatour. Towards Fixing Sketchy UML Models by Leveraging Textual Notations: Application to Real-Time Embedded Systems. pdf.
  • Alexander Kraas. Realizing Model Simplifications with QVT Operational Mappings. pdf.
  • Delphine Longuet, Frédéric Tuong and Burkhart Wolff. Towards a Tool for Featherweight OCL: A Case Study On Semantic Reflection. pdf.
  • Xavier Oriol and Ernest Teniente. Incremental Checking of OCL Constraints through SQL Queries. pdf.